If you’ve seen my office space, you know I am all about being an inspired business babe and living a motivational life. I just LOVE having my space filled with motivational quotes and little items that keep my vibe high. I am working a lot – and at my desk often – so it’s really important to me that I keep my space positive, exciting and bright. I want to make sure that I am inspired 24/7. Without flowing inspiration I can easily get stuck in my business or hit a wall in my growth.

People ask me how I scaled my business to multiple six figures, and a lot of it, in all honesty had to do with simply keeping my vibe high and positive.

The entrepreneur’s journey can be full of ups and downs so it’s really important that I do my best to create an open doorway to being creative. And it’s also important that as that creativity starts to pour in – that I stay organized and clear minded.

That’s probably why I love Erin Condren so much. They are legit my number one favorite creative organizational lifestyle company on the planet. Seriously – I have Erin Condren notebooks, planners and decor all over my house – and especially in my workspace.

I am a firm believe in the law of attraction, and affirmations and positive quotes are really big player in my life: When I think positive I can attract more positive things into my life. I think Erin Condren is one of my favorite companies for that reason – they do a really good job of keeping my vibes high!

So the new year is coming. And as I shift into this new space of growth and transformation for my business this year, I want to make sure I am being as organized and ready to rock as possible. So I made sure that I stocked up on some of Erin Condren’s gorgeous goodies – as well as ordering a new fresh planner for 2018! It’s the holiday, so they have amazing deals right now.

P.S. — Their sticker collection is my favorite!

Every year I stock up on my favorite Stickers so that I can fill my next business year with high vibes and a positive mindset. I put them on the lists I make for manifesting and I add them to my planner and calendar so that I can remember to keep focused. My favorite “follow your bliss” sticker always reminds me to keep going.




Lauren Eliz Love