About Me! – Lauren Eliz Love. 

Hi, I’m Lauren Eliz Love. I am a life and business coach specializing in helping women shift into the million dollar version of themselves with strategy and intensive next level mindset work.

I live in Connecticut with my amazing hubby (the official Badass Business Bro) and my cute fur babies Zoey and Animal (they are my little mascots.) Together, we run the Badass Business Babe brand from home!

Our story started in 2015, when I quit my job to pursue my hunger for making a bigger impact in the world. I left my job as a Network News Television Producer and set out to grow a blog and personal development brand called What is Perfection. In less than 2 years I had created a multiple six figure coaching business.

Shortly after, hundreds of women were coming up to me asking how they could effectively grow their businesses to that level. And Boom: Badass Business Babe was formed.

About Badass Business Babe. 

Badass Business Babe was founded in 2017. 

Our mission is to help online entrepreneurs reach larger audiences and grow their incomes with the most up to date online business related coaching available. 

We offer online courses that cover all of the physical and emotional obstacles related to handling an influencers brand in the online space.

We teach online influencers how to become effective influencers. Not just by growing an audience but by generating an income.

We cover everything from how to build your website, to how to emotionally hold space for generating multiple six figures. 

If it effects your business, you bet your bad ass we’ve done a training on it!

Our goal is to give you everything you need to transform your online brand and also everything you need to transform yourself. Because the brand is YOU! The evolution of an online entrepreneur can be rocky- but it doesn’t have to be! We run an online community full of amazing biz babes who are all helping and holding each other accountable along the journey (it’s free to join!) 

And our podcast is pretty badass too… (search Badass Business Podcast on iTunes) 

Oh…. and if you want’t to follow me, I’m @badassbusinessbabe on instagram. I’ve already shared so much I feel like we’re besties already! 


Lauren Eliz Love 

About the Badass Business Babe Facebook Tribe.

Three things that shifted my business drastically:

  1. Surrounding myself with high vibe entrepreneurs who were doing what I wanted to do successfully.
  2. Finding support from people who were trying to do exactly what I was trying to do in the online space. (support sisters)
  3. Hiring a Coach.

The Badass Business Babes FB Group is all of that in one place. LIVE Trainings DAILY from me in the group and direct access to an amazing community of business soul sisters. This is your place for free business coaching! Come join http://badassbusinessbabe.com/facebook/  or just search “Badass Business Babes” in the Group section of your Facebook App.