Hi, I’m Lauren Eliz.

I’m a spiritual life and business coach teaching women how to remove the blocks and receive money breakthroughs. I’ve spent the last seven years coaching hundreds of women break into new levels of consciousness and financial abundance through online programs, courses and one on one coaching programs. My coaching strategy is about BREAKTHROUGHS – combining the science of success strategies with the spiritual fulfillment practices that create a powerhouse business woman.

A Love Letter to the Girl Who’s Hearing Crickets

A Love letter to the girl who’s hearing crickets  Showing up takes a TON of courage in the online space. But It totally hurts when you keep showing up over and over again and don’t get the response and engagement you want. The Facebook algorithm, not knowing what to...

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A Love Letter to the Girl Who Can’t Sell Her Shit.

 A Love letter to the girl who can’t get people to buy her shit.  I get it babe. You have a product you love, a program you designed, a coaching service that you’re really excited to put into the world BUT……… No one is buyyyingggggg….. OMG How frustrating is that!? Do...

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