Do you find people you want to sell to, but when you try to talk to them, you have no idea what to say?

Do you feel “salesy” or “icky” when you try to get people to join your business?

Perhaps you struggle to feel authentic?

Maybe you find yourself ghosted by dozens of people you try to connect with leaving you confused and spinning your wheels on how to grow your business.

You show up prepared, confident, and excited, but for some reason you can’t actually get the client to work with you?

Um… DUDE. STOP. Right now. And let me help you.


-My sales video training (a legit total full hour of content for you to retrain your brain on how to sell and influence successfully and authentically.)

-My secret sales dialog print out (you’ll have a template to work off of every time you get on a call with a client or message someone on Facebook.)

-The BADASS SALES Step by step business call Roadmap- This will walk you through the FOOL proof structure of a sales call so you can land your clients authentically step by step.

-Lifetime access to the online badass business sales program (you’ll get updated free content on how to make more money in your business.)

-BONUS: The Objection Section. The “I don’t have the money,” solution: Learn how to deal with objections like “I don’t have the money for your services,” or “Now is not really a good time for me.”

-The Follow-Up Life-Saver: Learn how to follow up with a client authentically after they tell you, “I’ll let you know,” or “I’ll get back to you.”


-How to avoid getting ignored or “ghosted” when you reach out to potential clients.

-How to have an authentic conversation while also making a sale.

-How to deal with objections when people say “I can’t afford it” or “now is not the right time for me.”

-A natural and authentic way to sell that doesn’t feel icky or salesy.

“When I first accessed the BADASS formula, I saw how it had the potential to work but didn’t get to use it. When I finally did, the formula was right there, guiding me through my first ever discovery call with a potential client. The whole conversation was very organic and free flowing without being a mess. By the end of our call, my client was ready to sign up, no questions asked. The BADASS formula helped guide me without it being a script, and that made ALL the difference.”

– Amberleigh Bowers – Binge Eating Coach


Know how to have a breakthrough with your client that has them ready to work with you. Learn how to handle the “I can’t afford that” or “I don’t have the time” objections.

“Lauren and I have been working together for around 7 months now. Prior to working with her, I was going in circles in my business. I achieved my first 7k week! Yup- WEEK! Which I never even had even when working in corp America. She helped me demolish my old beliefs and teach me to re-write new ones. Lauren is the real deal. As long as you do the work, she brings you results.”  

-Carolina Romanyuk, #1 Sleep Consultant in NYC. Founder of Achieve with Carolina 



Learn how to easily flow into abundance with the dialogue that get people saying “Yes I want to work with you I don’t care what it costs to do it!”

“Before this course I was burnt out in my calls, and getting one price objection after the next. I changed the entire structure of how I ran my calls, and have closed every call since. Within a week after the course, I signed my first high end client at $4,500 and am on my way to my first $13,000 month. I highly recommend this course it is a steal of a deal for the value that is in it that you receive.”

– Courtney Berry, The Happiness Strategist

Trust Lauren. This girl knows her shit!



When I first met Lauren I was in a space of total paralysis and overwhelm in my business. I was so stuck in my head and spinning my wheels and had zero structure. Lauren has such a refreshing approach to business coaching and it was EXACTLY what I needed. She made me feel like I was in a safe, judgement free space where I was able to truly express myself and be vulnerable. Since I started working with Lauren regularly I’ve 5xed my income and signed more clients in 4 months than I had in the previous 8 months COMBINED before working with her. Lauren is the real deal and hiring her is the best investment you can make not only for your business, but for your soul. – Jacqueline Minelle Joseph

Limited Time Only Bonus: Crickets to Clients

“I am posting all the time and just hear silence.”
“I don’t know what type of content to create that will actually lead to sales.”
“I feel like it’s so hard to find people to want to work with me.”

Dude. I love you. Let’s fix this.
The Crickets to Clients Training is a 2 hour intensive training that shows you how to create content that sells, and how to actually attract your clients.

Here’s What You Get

-2 Hour Training on Client Attraction Strategies.
-Downloadable PDF Slides from Training
-Digestable Workbook Printable

Enroll today and get Badass Sales with 30 Days to Launch your Biz and save $47!