Thousands of dollars worth of content and resources for growing your business and transforming your life. For $33/ Month

Doesn’t that sound BADASS?

Three Live recorded VIP only calls per month | VIP Business Training!


Hi, I’m Lauren Eliz-Love, the creator and founder of the Badass Business Babes.

I used to be broke, at rock bottom with no idea how to create a successful online business. Today I generate high multiple six figures in my online business. My goal is to teach babes how to do it too!

So I created the VIP Creator space. This is where gorgeous aspiring entrepreneurs (and badass business babes who feel stuck and spinning their wheels) can generate the gorgeous high income and large audiences they crave.

Up-level your life – up level your business.

I teach my VIP girls how to grow their businesses and their bank accounts with soul and strategy. Here’s what you get when you join the Badass Business Babe VIP Tribe…

 1 Full Hour Spiritual and Emotional Business Coaching Call/Month

 Access to the VIP Business Babe Course Portal

Online Community Support in the VIP Member Group

Note: Six Figure Biz Babe, One on One Coaching, Badass Business Academy, Six week sell out, 30 Days to Launch Your Biz, Grow Like a Badass are available for individual purchase only and are not included in the membership. 

“Before I became a badass goddess VIP I was feeling lost and pretty overwhelmed by my coaching business.

Lauren (being the crazy generous person she is) and the women in this tribe showed me light.

My vision became clear, my branding came together, and I finally started to get messages in my inbox! This tribe has shaped the type of coach I have become and I feel so blessed to be a part of such a powerful tribe!”

Amanda Michelle Shenton – Life Lessons and Lavender 


I love being a member of the Badass Goddesses VIP tribe.

The community is super-supportive and the training is frequent, up-to-date and relevant to business people today. It’s one of the first groups I check in with every day and I’ve found so many excellent resources there. Recommend!”

-Sarah Reilly. Life coach, NLP practitioner and strategic interventionist. If you’re not living all your dreams, there’s likely some out-of-date patterns in your subconscious that are getting in the way. Apply for a complimentary session via to see what’s holding you back

“Joining the Badass Goddess VIP tribe has hands down been one of the best decisions I’ve made toward growing my new business and for my personal healing journey to regain self-confidence.

Lauren is incredibly empowering, and great at digging to the root cause of personal struggles that hold us back from our true brilliance!

The group of women in this tribe are even more empowering as we learn from each other and grow together, as many of us have the same struggles and fears.

As my business was starting out, I was overwhelmed with the fear of failure knowing there were so many other seasoned coaches out there. This group has reminded me to constantly ask myself “Why can’t that be me too?” because I am just as worthy as the rest. I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible tribe of women!”

Gretta Kraus, NTP, Revitalize your Roots
Holistic Wellness Coach

“I was feeling really frustrated and overwhelmed as to how to run my business and how to get clients.

After joining the Badass Goddess VIP group, I’m now more confident then ever and have already started gaining new clients on a more consistent basis!

I am truly grateful everyday to be a part of this tribe!”

Lisa Gober Body and Soul