Have you craved strategic coaching, and support in running your business? Have you felt so overwhelmed by the volume of information available to you that you don’t know where to look for guidance? 

Do the below concerns sound familiar?

“I need to make money, but I have such a hard time getting customers.”

“I have no idea which step to take next.”

“I want a coach, but the thought of investing that much scares the crap out of me right now.”

“I wish someone would show me exactly what to do to grow my business.”

“Where the heck do I start?”

How many of these thoughts cross your mind on a regular basis? Are you sick and tired of waiting for your dreams to come true?


Guess what! Now, there’s a VIP Program for Badass Business Babe that offers you constant training, guidance, and support in your biz! 


The Badass Business Babe VIP Membership

This program is designed for the entrepreneur who is serious about growing her business and ready to take things to the next level.
You’re signing up for step-by-step coaching and training. You’ll find monthly strategy trainings and weekly coaching tips directly in your inbox. It’s like having a coach in your pocket!



I’m on a mission to show babes that it is possible to create the business of their dreams — and to enjoy all of the freedom that comes with it — even if they don’t have the money to invest in a one on one coach. 

When I started my business, I was just like you. I was…

…constantly Googling in search of the “right” next step to take.

…listening to 300 different influencers, feeling overwhelmed, confused and lost.

…spending countless hours spinning my wheels and getting no traction.

…trying so freaking hard to reach my goals and feeling like I couldn’t get there.

But, guess what! I found the secret formula to getting my business off the ground. 

In less than a year, I grew a six-figure coaching business, and then a multiple-six-figure income. Teaching people how to make that happen for themselves has become my obsession.

I used to be so afraid to invest in myself.

“What if this doesn’t work?” I thought.

“What if I can’t pay my bills after I spend this money?”

“What if this is a mistake?”

Now, I clearly see that there was something missing for me, and I am determined to give it to you: COACHING. You need coaching; and it CAN be within your budget.

It’s time to create the business of your dreams with the constant support you’ve craved. Through the VIP program, I am ready to share with you the endless growth strategy I’ve developed.

Learn how to effectively market yourself in the online space. Heal your relationship with money and manifest it like a badass. Learn to claim your brand identity, sell with ease, and attract loyal, ready-to-pay clients.

If you want to go somewhere you have never been, you must do something you have never done. 


Today, Badass Business Babe brings in over 40K in sales per month.


How did I do it? How did I grow an online empire to six figures in less than a year? 


I’ll share weekly tips with you and coaching directly to your inbox that will keep you constantly growing and moving towards your goals. Let’s get you there, too, babe!


The Badass Business Babe VIP program is designed to give you constant support as you start and grow your business. My objective is to provide you with coaching tailored to your needs so that you can move toward your financial goals at a faster pace than you’ve been moving. There is no more waiting for the “perfect time” to hire a coach; with this service-based membership, you’ll get direct access to everything you need to grow. 

Over the course of your membership, we will do some deep work to determine and explore:

Your ideal client and brand identity: What is your brand? Who i your client? Who are you? How do you show up? What is your message? What is your purpose?

Your message, content, and online presence: How will you craft your message? How will you serve your audience? How will you present yourself to potential clients? How will you tell your own story to attract ready-to-pay clients?

Your money mindset and limiting beliefs: How will you transform YOU, rather than just your bank account? How will you shift into that million-dollar-you? How will you use weekly trainings and homeworks to propel yourself toward personal growth?

If you work hard, you will reap the benefits. 

Investing in your business from day one pays off. The more work you do to build a strong foundation, the more freedom you’ll enjoy later.

Note: The Badass Business Babe VIP is a service-based coaching program. You’ll ask questions and receive trainings tailored to you and your business. This is no “one-size-fits-all’ membership. 

The Badass Business Babe VIP membership is for the woman who is ready to make money in her business and is serious about using guidance and training to improve herself and her financial reality. This program is for the babe who has a vision and a dream, but hasn’t figured out how to create the income she craves. This program is for the babe who is ready to show up and do what it takes to shift into that six-figure reality.

 One business strategy training session per month, with downloadable slides

 Weekly exclusive business coaching tips, not available anywhere else in the BBB community, sent to your inbox

Online community support in the VIP members-only group

 Monthly VIP Q&A chats

(You’ll post questions in a forum and I’ll anwer them in the tribe every month!)

The VIP Monthly Interactive Newsletter

(full of tons of amazing VIP only content never before seen)

 20% off your future investment in Badass Business Babe Courses*

 Exclusive offers and VIP-only programs

Note: Six Figure Biz Babe, One on One Coaching,  Six-Week Sell Out, 30 Days to Launch Your Biz, and Grow Like a Badass are available for individual purchase only and are not included in the membership. 

Yes, once a month you’ll get a special interactive newsletter full of amazing beautiful content JUST for VIP Babes. Each newsletter has a theme of the month and is full of interactive content, like printable PDFS, Never before seen interviews and audio trainings! PLUS a once a month LIVE Q&A in the VIP Facebook group AND a FULL Hour long masterclass once a month!


(p.s. you get all the old recorded ones in your vip portal the moment you join!) 

“Before I became a VIP I was feeling lost and pretty overwhelmed by my coaching business.

Lauren (being the crazy generous person she is) and the women in this tribe showed me light.

My vision became clear, my branding came together, and I finally started to get messages in my inbox! This tribe has shaped the type of coach I have become and I feel so blessed to be a part of such a powerful tribe!”

Amanda Michelle Shenton – Life Lessons and Lavender 


I love being a member of the VIP tribe.

The community is super-supportive and the training is frequent, up-to-date and relevant to business people today. It’s one of the first groups I check in with every day and I’ve found so many excellent resources there. Recommend!”

-Sarah Reilly. Life coach, NLP practitioner and strategic interventionist. If you’re not living all your dreams, there’s likely some out-of-date patterns in your subconscious that are getting in the way. Apply for a complimentary session via www.sarahreillycoaching.com to see what’s holding you back

“VIP tribe has hands down been one of the best decisions I’ve made toward growing my new business and for my personal healing journey to regain self-confidence.

Lauren is incredibly empowering, and great at digging to the root cause of personal struggles that hold us back from our true brilliance!

The group of women in this tribe are even more empowering as we learn from each other and grow together, as many of us have the same struggles and fears.

As my business was starting out, I was overwhelmed with the fear of failure knowing there were so many other seasoned coaches out there. This group has reminded me to constantly ask myself “Why can’t that be me too?” because I am just as worthy as the rest. I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible tribe of women!”

Gretta Kraus, NTP, Revitalize your Roots
Holistic Wellness Coach

“I was feeling really frustrated and overwhelmed as to how to run my business and how to get clients.

After joining the VIP group, I’m now more confident then ever and have already started gaining new clients on a more consistent basis!

I am truly grateful everyday to be a part of this tribe!”

Lisa Gober Body and Soul