Are you that business babe spinning her wheels in the online space?

Have you thought things like,

“I am posting all the time and just hear silence.”
“I don’t know what type of content to create that will actually lead to sales.”
“I feel like it’s so hard to find people to want to work with me.”

It’s time to learn the secrets – going from Crickets to Clients.

The Crickets to Clients Training is a 2 hour intensive training that shows you how to create content that sells, and how to actually attract your clients.

Here’s What You Get

-2 Hour Training on Client Attraction Strategies.

-Downloadable PDF Slides from Training

-Digestable Workbook Printable

Simple. Basic. To The Point.

“I could rave on and on about this training! The value Lauren shared was so incredibly helpful. I found greater clarity in my message and confidence in sharing my services from a place of authenticity. I’ve gone back to this training multiple times and each time I take away another “aha” moment!


” – Calandra Martin – Life Coach 

“There was SO much value packed into thecrickets to clients program I couldn’t believe the price. I would have paid 10x just for the clarity I’ve gained. The honest and authentic marketing tactics are a massive game changer for anyone who’s looking for a positive shift in their business. The ideal client training is the only one you’ll ever need again. Yep, I said it!!
This is definitely a training I love to revisit over and over for more nuggets of wisdom from Lauren.”

-Hannah Taylor Parker – The Soul Centered Entrepreneur 


“When I heard of the program coming out I thought about purchasing it. At the time money was super hard to come by. I was on maternity leave without any pay and I had a humongous money block. Even though the price was $7. I remember thinking it’s only $7 I’ll charge it and holy shit! The day it came out and I jumped on the call I couldn’t believe this woman gave this away for close to nothing. The value it had. The impact it made and most of all it showed me what a true angel Lauren is. 100% out there just to spread light in this world. I love you girl and thank you for continuously shedding light on the pathway to success for not only myself but people who are going to change this world!”

-Lauren Rattigan – Life Coach and Healer