I have so much to say about this topic I think my eyes will pop out of my head if I keep these thoughts to myself. Let’s talk about being vulnerable for a hot minute.

I shared this picture on my instagram this morning and it scared the shit out of me. I am overweight, and ready to embark on a journey to change my health. But THAT doesn’t scare me. Sharing this Picture and posting my weight issue all over social media does. You can checkout my instagram to see the long post about my health. @Badassbusinessbabe

But let’s pause for a minute – because this isn’t a blog post about healthy lifestyles..  This is a blog post about being VULNERABLE.

So let me ask you, badass business babe, when was the last time you bravely shared something on social media for your audience that truly scared you? You know, the kind of post that makes your heart race before you hit post kinda scary.

It has been a while for me since I felt that nervousness around my content. And it isn’t because I am strong and not afraid of vulnerability. I haven’t felt scared because honestly, I haven’t posted anything scary in a while. Yes.. I fell into the perfectionist trap.

Are you trying to be perfect on your social media feeds?

Last month I fell into this hole of perfectionsm – trying to display my perfect life in the perfect way all over social media. I don’t know how or why it happened, but my guess is that I felt a pressure to continue to grow my business since it’s been doing so well… and for some reason, I thought that showing the world how awesome I am would make me more money? Who knows.

Somewhere along the way of scaling my business, I somehow formed the belief that in order to make more money, I needed to act perfect all over social media. These were some of the beliefs that were running the show for me:

  • I need to have so much success and celebrate it 24/7 even when I am struggling with certain financial decisions or even when I don’t “feel” successful.
  • I need to post about how happy my relationship is with my husband and how awesome my life is even when I feel depressed or sad or am having a bad day.
  • I can’t post about what I am struggling with – whether it is depression or my weight because let’s face it – “why would people want to hire you if you are struggling with shit?” 

Can you relate?

For those of you who don’t know, I run a successful online coaching business. I teach women how to make money as coaches, network marketers and influencers in the online space. You can see my posts on my Monthly Income Reports to see just how well Badass Business Babe Performs each month. We do pretty well, and my goal is to do even better (always growing,right?)

But as a coach I somehow started to think that I needed to appear to have it ALL Together even when I didn’t. Especially when I didn’t.

My weight is still a struggle for me. And lately I had felt this deep calling to share and talk about it because- let’s face it…. It is something that I am truly ready to change and I LOVEE documenting my own life. But at the same time, I was almost afraid to talk about it. Like, “what will people think?”

  • “Will people think I don’t have my shit together and therefore can’t help them?”
  • “Will the health and fitness coach not want to hire me as her business coach because I am not ‘healthy enough’?” 
  • “Will all of my clients suddenly think I am a fraud because I still have this one area of my life I have not mastered?” 

I was paralyzed with fear. Worried that If I somehow showed that I was still struggling with something, that people wouldn’t see me as being an influencer worth hiring. BOOM. Talk about old stories coming up around rejection!

Fear of Rejection Comes From Deep Within You

When I was younger -I would show who I really was and get rejected by my peers just for being myself. Friends wouldn’t want to be friends with me anymore when they found out I was nerdy or liked sports. Girls wouldn’t sit with me at the lunch table after I decided to show my passion for singing and writing music to the class. I remember once when I was 13 and found out what a period was, I told my friend and she told me, ‘get away, your disgusting,’ and stopped talking to me.

Like many of us, I have this old weird pattern around rejection and speaking my truth. And while I could very well hide and keep to myself honoring that old story – My higher self knows better.  My higher self is craving realness – rawness – ME-ness. And I want to prove to the world (and to myself) that by being more vulnerable and real I can help MORE people.

Your Brilliance doesn’t come in Perfection, it comes in your 100 percent openness to be YOU.

Slowly, I am growing into being more vulnerable and real with the world. I am ready to shed those old layers of insecurity and be more of who I am online. The truth is, if we are all out there as light workers trying to promote change and make a difference in the world, we can’t be perfect. Perfection doesn’t create change, it only creates separation and distance between you and your audience. We need to be more relatable. More real.

Sharing who you are in your 100 percent sense of self allows people to connect to you and say “Me too.” Even when you are flawed, and struggling.

We need to do scary things and be more of ourselves on social media. We have to be able to honor the parts of us that are flawed, different and weird – The parts of us that we are still healing and the parts that we are afraid to share. Because that’s the part of us that people can connect to.

So here’s your business challenge for the week. Be more REAL.

Push the limits of vulnerability. Do more, be more. Share more. Start opening up. Press POST on the insta feed when it makes your heart race, share a story of your past that makes your hands shake. Do it. Be real. Be raw. Be YOU. The world needs you in your realness.