I want to talk to you about success and struggle today. This weekend, I spent time totally disconnected from work and it felt amazing. Taking breaks is hard for me (recovering workaholic here) but with distance, comes creative downloads! Here’s the message that came through me:

Success and Stress cannot co-exist together. Success is your divine right. Stress isn’t.

This morning’s episode of the Badass Business Podcast, I share my opinion on how to stop struggling as an online coach. It’s common to believe that it’s hard to make money as a coach, and that “struggling” is inevitable.

And that can come with a lot of feelings: Scarcity, Overwhelm, Doubt, and, my personal favorite: “Stress.” A more professional version of FEAR. (just kidding I hate it.)

Most of us biz babes let stress in because we think one day we will be able to wake up and be successful and stop feeling overwhelmed! “One day It will be easier,” we tell ourselves.

Your stress now is a sign you have to work on letting go of fear.

My first 10K month of my business, I thought that I would live “happily ever after.” But then the second $10,000 month happened, and then the third and suddenly I caught myself. “Why am I so stressed still?

I was stressed because I still was never arriving at my goal. And if I wasn’t at my goal, I believed I should be stressed. See, after my 10K month milestone, I stretched the bar in my brain to try and go for 20K. After 20K, I had a new goal to hit 30. All the while I was letting stress consume me. You can see this month’s income report for Badass Business Babe if you’d like to check it out.

But remember this:

As a business woman you should always be living in the stretch, but you should never let that stress you.

Here are some tips to allow yourself to live in the joy of your business more often. After all, the joy is what attracts customers into your business.

  1. Set some boundaries. I make sure to only check my email once a day now, and respond to Voxer messages (the walkie talkie app I use for my clients) only once a day Monday through Friday.
  2. Live and work in gratitude. Every Friday before I disconnect from work, I sit down and reflect on what I am grateful for that happened that week. I make a list of all the things that made me smile that week. Remember, gratitude is the healing emotion of the world. If you are grateful, it’s harder to feel stressed.
  3. Grow your Confidence and believe in your brilliance. The truth is, behind every “I’m stressed” feeling, is the deep rooted belief that you are not enough and that you may fail. Spending more time healing your confidence will allow you to tap into more joy and abundance in your life and let go of that ego. The truth is, you are brilliant. Remember that Success is your divine right. Ask yourself, “why am I deserving of this success I crave?”
  4. Recognize that you are the root of the problem, not your business. Healing your insecurity and stress does not begin by reaching some financial outcome, but rather with you. Spend time in meditation, journaling, and taking long bubble baths. Correct old habits by adding healthy new ones to your routine that calm your mind and comfort your soul.

Learning how to live in bliss no matter what your income level is is the secret to success. Remember, you will never arrive. you will always be stretching. Why choose unhappiness while you’re doing it?

Love you babe!

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