Do you set intentions in your business? Sitting down to align with what your soul is calling you to shift into for your business and life can be one of the best things you do! Yesterday on my instagram stories I shared a sneak peak into my monthly ritual where I sit down and set new intentions for the following month.

So I thought I would take a minute today to share a blog post about how I do my intention setting practice!

First, I Reflect.

At the end of the month I sit down to ask myself some really powerful questions:

“What am I grateful for that happened this month? What do I want more of in the next month?”

I like to look at my months of business like they are seasons. Sometimes I am focused on planting seeds, other times I am focused on nurturing my audience.

This past month was absolutely beautiful. I did so much growing personally – taking better care of my health and making time for my relationship more. Just as I predicted, by taking care of myself more, my business boomed. We sold out the Coach to Cash Mentorship program and start our next round this week!

When I sat down with my reflection (which I usually write out in a journal) I can sort of figure out what I want to stretch into the following month. Then, I make an intentions list! (I usually do this at the end of the month right before the beginning of a new one.)

My July Intentions: A little bit of everything.

This is my little alter that I place my intentions list on. You can see that my list of intentions isn’t all about business. I firmly believe that the more I grow myself the better I can be in attracting abundance. That’s why you’ll notice there are a variety of intentions here on this list. I wrote things down like spending more time with my husband, eating a healthy keto diet and celebrating my sobriety. It’s clear to me in my practice, the more I actually take care of myself, the more money I actually make. (Note to self ladies. You do you.)

The first of the month I honor my new intentions with a ritual.

I’ll be clear, my ritual is very intuitive based and I definitely change things up from time to time. But this time around I made sure to write everything down that I did so I could share it with you!

  1. Set the mood: I play music and shut everything else down (no computer, no phone unless I’m taking pictures.) Lately, Anthony Robbins’ Sacred Blessings soundtrack on Spotify has been my jam. I make sure I am wearing super comfortable clothes and try to prepare to not have any interruptions for an hour (sometimes that’s hard, I know, but I do my best.) I also lather up with essential oils before my practice and put some CBD oil under my tongue to calm me. It’s really important to remember that how you come into your practice plays a big part in the quality of the practice. So I do my best to come in with a zen state using my music, oils, and cbd.
  2. Activation: I burn incense, and then Palo santo. Right before I do anything. This sort of clears my mind and helps me remove any negative energy that I am harboring. I take some deep breaths and feel into the moment.
  3. Write my letter to the Universe. I don’t always do this, but often I grab a special notebook that I have just to write letters to the Universe in. I sit down and think God, Source, the Almighty for everything it has given me in the last month. I let my heart sing and write one sort page of thanks and promise to the Universe.
  4. Feel into my intentions: As I am burning my palo santo, I wave it around my intentions list as I slowly read and sink into each and every Item I wrote down. This really lets my thoughts sink in and allows me to connect with every single goal I have on that list of the new month. I spend some time doing this and I don’t rush myself. Once I feel really centered in those thoughts, I move on into my meditation.
  5. Meditation: I grab my sacred beads, crystals or whatever I feel called to hold. I close my eyes and meditate for 10 minutes. Here in this meditation (which is mainly focusing on thoughts) I really feel into all the emotions of all the items on my list I can remember. I visualize an abundant month and imagine all the good things coming to me. I place my hand on my heart while my other hand holds my tools and I just try to feel into all the emotions I am trying to activate: Abundance, Joy, Love, Gratitude, Happiness.
  6. When I open my eyes, I light a candle to set my intention ad make it complete. I place my Intentions list on my alter and celebrate what I have claimed and decided to be mine. It is done!
  7. Closing ceremonies: I pull cards from whatever deck I feel called to use, and I ask some questions to the universe and just play with my cards as source brings me some fun answers. When I am finished, I journal about the experience and then it’s done!

That’s my practice for coming into the new month and setting goals for my business and my life each month! Do you have a ritual? If you do, or if you decide to practice in this one, tag me in your post on Instagram! @Badassbusinessbabe

P.S. This is just a small practice of mine, but I share all of my woo- rituals in my e-guide Spiritual Rituals for a Badass Business!