A Love letter to the girl who feels frozen in fear, stuck and without strategy. 

Dear: Frozen in Fear, stuck in her business, totally frustrated Biz Babe:

You are STILL a badass.

Let’s start with the good stuff.. You decided to start a business. That is AMAZING! What a beautiful step towards creating an abundant exciting and totally fulfilling future.

I know you are probably not so excited right now. You’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused about what next steps to take. I get it. It’s hard to stay excited when you are trying to make money and nothing is working.

Maybe you’re like me when I was a few months into my business: With zero direction and not too sure what to do next. You’re coming up with ideas and just blindly trying a million different things hoping something works: Like throwing spaghetti on the wall hoping something just sticks. Food fights can get super lame super fast….

Frustrated, overwhelmed and confused? I totally have felt all those things before.

I used to spend hours googling and looking at other people in the online space for the signs of “what to do next.” I tried everything. I spent hours in front of the computer and spent even more time second guessing and doubting myself. Talk about sucking the fun out of starting a business.

The online world is full of so many people telling you so many different things! “Use pinterest,” ‘Try twitter” “Start a Facebook group” “Have a FB Business page,” ‘Run Ads.???” It get’s confusing real fast doesn’t it?

And even if the content sort of makes sense, how can you trust someone to tell you what to do? How do you know if it will even work?

Here’s the reality my love: You are not ALONE. I was exactly where you are a few years ago: Trying all the things hoping something would work. It got my no where.

Here’s what changed it all: I learned that success leaves clues. And when I found a mentor I could trust who had method that worked, I could feel safe knowing that I would be shown the way.

“I could waste more time trying to figure it out myself, or I could find someone who knows exactly what to do.” That thought changed everything for my life and for my bank account.

Here are some tips I want to share with you:

  1. Remember your reason WHY you are starting this business. Connect into it as often as you can and anchor your heart to it. You are here with a purpose and a passion and are ready to do GREAT Things.
  2. Believe it is truly possible. Close your eyes and imagine a life where you have all the wealth and abundance in the world. How does it feel? That energy will drive and motivate you to never give up.
  3. Study a strategy that works. Find ONE person (not four or five) who are doing exactly what you want to do. Study them. Take their programs. Believe in their words and trust that they will show you the way.

Are you looking for strategy? Try checking out my 30 Days to Launch Your Biz program. It covers every important piece of strategy for growing and starting an online business.