A Love letter to the girl who can’t get people to buy her shit. 

I get it babe. You have a product you love, a program you designed, a coaching service that you’re really excited to put into the world BUT………

No one is buyyyingggggg…..

OMG How frustrating is that!?

Do you know when I started my business, I would get on calls with people for my products and programs and get SO Mad after.

First, i would have such anxiety thinking about having these sales conversations because I had no idea what I was doing. But even when I did get on a call or a Facebook messenger and it was going well, the responses I heard would make me cringe.

“I can’t afford that”

“I just have to think about it.”

“Let me talk to my husband.”

“I just don’ think this is a good time for me.”

OH. MY. GOD. Punch in the face please.

I was so frustrated! And so if you’re in this place I can totally get why you are frustrated too.

Selling your shit should be easy!! It should be fun and exciting and should make you do happy dances when you land the sale!

“So why is it so hard, Lauren?” 

Want to know a secret? If a client is giving you an objection about money, time or getting her hubby on board; the reality is she doesn’t believe in the value of what you have to offer. And the real (even harsher) truth is that you probably didn’t have the conversation the right way.

NO joke. there is a RIGHT WAY to have sales conversations.

In the beginning of my business journey I would get on calls with people and just talk from the heart. Little did I know I was actually pushing people away from my products when I did all the talking!

Once I discovered a step by step conversation (the secret formula I now teach in my Badass Sales Program) everything changed. I went from landing one or two coaching clients out of ten calls to getting 8 to 9 Yes’s for every 10 calls! That’s a 90 percent enrollment rate!

Here are some tips I want to share with you if you’re having a hard time landing sales.

  1. Start believing in yourself more. You are amazing and have a TRUE gift in this world babe. Any time you doubt your worth, your potential customer picks up on that right away! Do your best to keep your confidence high.
  2. Don’t be afraid to get on a call with someone or to reach out to a potential client directly. Remember, you have an amazing product to offer the world! We can easily get scared or uncomfortable reaching out to strangers but DON’T Worry! Trust that the universe will be sending the right people to you.
  3. Learn the formula for sales conversations. Whether you are doing this online or on the phone – you MUST know the secret formula for sales conversations. Come check out my strategy in the Badass Sales Program.