Normally I don’t post about health and wellness. I am a business coach and for a while, I honestly didn’t think my weight had anything to do with the work I do in the world.

But it SOOOOOO did. My business and my body are SO connected.

I’ve lost 25 pounds and counting. My belly is the smallest it’s ever been (which has always been a trouble area for me),  my depression is gone, my business is booming and my energy is sky high.

I’ve gotten a million questions about the journey I am on so I wanted to take a minute to share with everyone out there how I am doing it. (and I’m doing it without restricting my body, drinking icky shakes, or exhausting myself with high intensity workouts that I hate.)

First off, I want to share a little bit about my journey. If you’re a business professional out there or even if you are just trying to live a higher quality of life, it is super important to remember that your body and health are completely interconnected to your overall quality of life.

You make more money when you are healthy. You have better sex when you are healthy. You probably laugh harder and make better memories when you are healthy (at least I know I do.)

My Story with My Body.

  • Have you ever been in a position where you held yourself back because of how much you weighed?
  • Did you ever avoid putting yourself out there because you are uncomfortable in your body?
  • How many times did your unhealthy lifestyle make you feel tired and exhausted and depressed when you knew you should be feeling happy an excited?

This was basically what was going on for me. For a really really long time.

In my business, it got to a point where I was hiding behind my computer and afraid of stepping out to the next level because of my weight.

This is not a new thing for me.

Let me give you the synopsis: I always struggled with my weight. Like always. My whole life. I was the chubby girl in middle school, high school, college, the whole nine. I Felt like this was going to be me forever.

I did have a few years where I was skinny, but  I starved my body to get that slender look. And I never could keep it off. In fact, I spent a great deal of my life gaining and losing weight over and over again. Nothing I did would stick and the diets I tried felt super restrictive and made me feel like I was starving myself. NO wonder I put all the weight back. I was either counting calories (which was a pain the ass) starving my body (which totally sucked) or feeling completely dissatisfied with my food.

I wanted to be a woman who felt beautiful in her skin. A woman who felt confident and shined bright. My weight was keeping me from doing that.

I gained 60 pounds when I became in entrepreneur.

When I walked away from my corporate job in Manhattan to pursue my passion and start my own business, I slowly started to pack on the pounds. (This happens to a lot of entrepreneurs btw.) I was spending all of my time busting my butt to grow my business sitting in front of a computer all day and eating the fastest meals I could grab. I wasn’t prioritizing myself. At all.

I reached a point in my business where  I was doing really well, but my personal life was suffering. I was running out of clothes that fit me, I was feeling so uncomfortable in my skin that I couldn’t have sex with Matt without wanting to cry (not kidding) and I had zero energy. I would wake up tired, exhausted, and was having waves of depression and anxiety that I couldn’t stop.

My symptoms were a sign of something deeper going on.

If you’re like me, living with depression, anxiety and exhaustion is a terrible thing to do. On top of that, feeling uncomfortable in your skin feels just as terrible for a woman! Well, all of that was happening for me.

My diet was “pretty healthy” I thought. I ate fruits and veggies, and yes I occasionally had too many sweets or too many handfuls of chips. But it was almost like no matter what I did I was craving bad foods all the time and my body was tired all the time and my soul was screaming HELP ME!

Here’s what I did that changed everything.

I switched to Ketogenic diet. I cut out all sugars and all carbs (I’ll eventually add fruit back in when I reach my goals but right now I’m shedding so I’m staying away.)

A ketogenic diet is simple to follow: Don’t eat processed foods, and don’t eat anything that has sugar or starch in it.

Here’s what I believe to be true: I abused starches and carbohydrates for so long, my body stopped digesting and burning them and started to store them up for winter like a bear in hibernation. I was fat, puffy, and starting to become insulin resistant. I had tons of inflammation in my system because my body was being trained (by how I was eating) to be a sugar burning machine instead of a fat burning machine.

Okay, little education here: Your body needs a source of energy to burn while it helps you run. It can either burn sugar, or burn fat (or protein.) My body was trying to burn sugar because I was eating too much of it. As a result, the fat stayed on. Anytime I ate extra sugar my body would convert it to fat and save it on my hips (so not fun.)

When I switched to a ketogenic diet, the weight literally started to pour off. If you want to do this, here’s what I eat (in order of priority)

  • Leafy Vegetables
  • Healthy Fats (avocado, coconut oil, Udos oils)
  • Protein (fish mostly but sometimes beef or pork)

I am never hungry. I have zero cravings (after I detoxed from my addiction to sugar) and I am sleeping so well. My skin is clear, my energies high and I am a new human.

I don’t really work out too heavy -I only just started exercising last week just because I feel energized and inspired too! (The weight was coming off without exercising)

Also – my depression is gone. My anxiety is at zero. Sex is fun again.

I’ll do a post later to share exactly what I eat every day so you can follow along, but I want this post to give you everything to kickstart your own journey (if you are out there struggling.)

Let me debunk any resistance you have for a minute…

“But isn’t fat bad for your cholesterol?” NO. Bullshit. Eating fat and training your body to be a fat burning machine actually reduces your cholesterol. Swear to God.

“But isn’t eating fat going to make me fat?” NO. Bullshit again. If you are overweight now, clearly what you are doing isn’t working.

“But don’t carbs give you energy?” – They give you fake energy. Real energy comes from your soul when your body is fueled properly. If you ever had a crash and burn from a sugar high you know what I’m talking about.

“But how long does it take to get my body to burn fat?” The weight started pouring off my body and in less than two months I lost 25 pounds and am continuing to lose every day. But here’s the secret: Outside of cutting out sugars and starches – I am also drinking Ketones to put my body into fat burning mode. That has made things go MUCH faster along my journey.

The Ketones I use and why I use them…

When your body goes into “fat burning mode” that’s when the weight starts to come off. But sometimes it can take a while for your body to do that and your body may or may not stay in ketosis for long. By drinking ketones I actually keep my body in a ketosis state and get results faster and longer. Added bonuses of drinking the ketones daily? A regular period, higher sex drive, cleared skin, healed anxiety and depression. Win. Win. Win. Win.. I drink these Ketones and the Hart Tarte is my favorite flavor so far. (I drink the caffeine free but drinking them with caffeine gives you the greatest results) P.S. If you purchase ketones with my link shoot me a DM so I can send you to my exclusive support group for babes losing weight on Keto.

I’m never going back.

Seriously. My life is changed forever. For the first time in my life I Firmly believe I can have the body of my dreams. I’m on my way! And you can be too!