Lets have a talk about the fear of never making money,   (and also, how cute zoey is in this picture.)

Today I am traveling down to Florida to do a few badass things: go to a leadership training, spend three days at Disney, and visit the hotel and resort where we are hosting our Soul Aligned Biz Mastermind Retreat.  It’s going to be a really exciting beautiful trip with a pretty high expense.

Having learned some lessons about life last year, I know that the more I invest in my joy and take time for myself, the more money my business makes. (note to all you babes out there – make some space in your schedule for more fun and freedom. The ROI is BIG.)

I also (confession alert) still struggle with spending money on myself sometimes – Spending money on things not related to my business like Magic Kingdom tickets and passes to Harry Potter World still feels strange.

Money and releasing it to the universe is a big struggle for a lot of entrepreneurs. Especially for those that are still in debt.

Last week, I got a question in the Badass Business Babe FB Tribe about this: “How do I get over the fear of never making money? Even though my business is making enough $$$ to pay my bills I’m not yet making enough money to pay down debt. How (do you) stay in an abundant mindset with credit card debt. How can I continue to believe the money I want is coming even when it hasn’t shown up yet.”

Here’s my advice and a challenge for you today: 

Change your thoughts, change your actions, change your life. 

If you believe you will always make enough money to live, then you will. If you believe that you will make enough money to not only pay the bills, but to pay off debt, live an abundant life and do magical things with money – like trips to Disney World and Mickey Waffles – then you’re right too.

Whatever you think is what you’ll create. And if you are dreaming  of “financial freedom,” then you aren’t dreaming big enough.  We crave a financial reality that doesn’t feel scarce, but so few of us actually take the time to dream up what’s possible beyond paying the bills (and that’s probably why you are only just getting by.)

Money need s a purpose. And if the purpose is just to make ends meet, you will never reach a point of paying off debt. No matter how much money you make, you will find a way to only live within your means. 

Instead, focus on the joy and opportunity money can provide. 

So what would you do with a six figure or multiple six figure income in your business? What would be different about your life? What would you spend your money on? 

If we spend all of our time just trying to “get above water” financially, we will only continue to drown in a sea of “never enough” mindset. 

The secret to making more money is to set new standards in your mind about what it is you deserve.

When you ask yourself, “How much money do I want to make?”  Follow it up with, “What would I do when I make that money?” 

Get out your journal. Be specific. And write down shit that gets you excited. 

The real challenge is actually following through on your word when you reach your goals. 

I can’t tell you how many babes I see who hit their goal of making X amount of dollars, only to go back on their word with the universe and not enroll in the program they wanted to or buy the shoes they promised themselves the would when they reached their goal. 

“I reached my goal, but XY and Z happened and now I have to use that money to pay off _____ bills.” 

No. No you really don’t. You need to honor your word with the Universe and do what you promised yourself you would. There is nothing the universe hates more than giving you what you promised and watching you still stay stuck. 

So in short, here are my tips for getting over the fear of only making enough money “just to get by.”

  • Be intentional with your receiving. Go grab a copy of the Unleash your Badass Business Workbook on Amazon and go through Part 1, which is all focused on the fear of not making enough money. Set intentions about what you want to receive in your life.
  • Start showing up as a leader, not an average income earner.  You need to be a higher level of yourself before you actually attract it. Show up to embody the energy of a high vibe big income earner as often as you can. Act professional and look at yourself and your business as if you had a net-worth of millions.
  • Remove Hope and Replace it with Decision. I can spot a  Hope-Biz Babe from a mile away. She is only sort of showing up in her business, half-assing things and planning her plan B in case she fails. She isn’t spending money on herself or investing in her business because she is worried she may not make it back. A babe who decides to be successful believes that it isn’t a matter of “if she will be successful,” but rather, a matter of WHEN. 
  • Heal your relationship with Debt. I don’t believe debt is bad anymore. I used to – and that’s probably why I had so much of it. I was constantly trying to run away from debt and felt so bad about the big number of IOU’s I had with banks, bills and student loans. Listen, debt is a thing. It sucks, but you need to love it. When you love it, it will start to disappear. Nothing can heal with anger. Start to say thank you for credit and be grateful for the opportunity it has provided you. After all, debt allows you to stretch and grow into new things. (I put all my Tony Robbins events on credit and every personal development training I ever took.) Clearly being angry about debt isn’t serving you right? So Love it, so It can heal.

That’s it. Simple. To the point. BOOM.

Love you babe. Come into the FB group and share your thoughts on this with us! I am going to get a thread going in there about debt so we can remove the stigma around our money fears!!!!!

Oh, and P.S. if you want to stalk me in Disney, come find me on instagram.