It’s the for the February income report! I am so excited to make this a thing – sharing the Badass Business Babe income numbers regularly.

Last month I shared a recap of the business financials since it’s infancy. (you can read the post here.) 

February was an interesting month. If you didn’t read last months’ income report, I’ll clue you in: Matt’s the official CFO of the business now. Because of that, it’ allowed me to step away from the financials and focus more on creation and coaching: my two areas of business bliss.

The most powerful “growth moment” of my business was realizing I can’t do everything in my business anymore. When we were smaller, it was okay for me to justify managing everything. But now, as I’ve shifted into creating more space to grow into new income levels, I realize this needs to change. Yay for growth!

Things we learned this month.

I suck at handing responsibilities over to staff: We had a lot of staff issues that needed to be worked out this month (mostly because of me.) Matt and I spent a lot of time talking about my lack of  experience in management and how it affects our business.. As BBB has grown, we’ve hired a social media manager and an executive coordinator who are seriously fantastic. (I love our team.)  But  I notice that delegating and giving up control has been a struggle for me. Definitely something I need to work on. With that, we have geared up to try new things in March, and I set the intention for letting go of the reins a bit. I am challenging my self to step back and give up control a bit more so my team can do what they do best.

Facebook ads for new clients and big programs don’t work for us: Last month we spent a good chunk of money on FB ads trying to promote our bigger programs (Life Coach Babe opened for enrollment at the end of last month. ) We spent $1,072.00 on ads in February, which is definitely different than what we are used to. Facebook ads are a new thing we are trying to learn how to utilize them for the business. While our likes campaigns and group promotion posts worked really well,  we realize that running ads for big courses didn’t work. Our audience needs to be nurtured before they actually invest in a high-level intensive coaching program for their business. Lesson learned!

Facebook ads for new clients and small programs kick butt for us:  We ran a few test ads to attract more of an audience into our entry level programs like Crickets to Clients and Launch Like a Boss, and those ads performed really well. There is a trust involved with the client that we are still learning about, and when we ran ads, people were more likely to go in with a small $7 training than they were with a thousand dollar program.

It’s hard to promote when you are creating in your business. This month I Spent SOOOO much time creating. I was finishing up programs, made the final edits on the Unleash Your Badass Business Workbook (comes out this month) and I finished designing some sales pages for our big programs. So, I left promotion on the side to focus on creating for the business. This is probably why course sales stayed the same in the business.  It sucked to step away from promotion but it was necessary to finish up the programs we’ve been working on. Note: you cannot reap and sow in the same season.

Wins for February

  • Life Coach Babe opened for enrollment (8 spots left!)
  • Crickets to Clients sales went up 23% yay! 
  • I finished creating  Six Week Sell Out (the course that teaches you how to design courses)
  • We did a beautiful 2 hour training on how to hit your first 10K month that sold out
  • I was able to focus on creation all month and still hit the same revenue marks for the company (which was a great thing.)

Revenue Marks for February

  • $31,461 in online courses (this includes one on one coaching, the Year long academy payments, and all courses on the website)
  • $1,145.75 in affiliate revenue (haven’t been efforting this lately so it’s a bit low)
  • 17 books sold in February from amazon which is like, 85 bucks. (Wake up Manifest Repeat)

Next month’s intentions:

  • Delegate more. remove stress. Intentionally let go of trying to micromanage my business and my staff.
  • Finally releasing the Unleash Your Badass Business Workbook (2 years in the making)
  • Focus on Life Coach Babe and welcoming 10 gorgeous babes into that program.
  • Enjoy Disney! (yes next month starts my 9 month back to back travel experience.)
  • Be more present on instagram (come follow me!)
  • Bring more joy into BBB and grow the FB group!
  • Hit 40K revenue. (Donate 10% to Charity)


That’s about it for us.

Can you do us a favor and share this with your followers? We want to really get the message of transparency in business out there! The more entrepreneurs share their income reports, the more awareness we can create about this industry and remove the veil and stigma around being a “broke coach.” which is B.s.!

Thanks so much babe!