Hi, I’m Lauren Eliz Love

I’m a spiritual life and business coach, and I teach Badass women how to unleash that higher life they deserve.

I’ve spent the last seven years coaching hundreds of women break into new levels of consciousness and financial abundance through online programs, courses and one on one coaching programs.

My coaching strategy is about BREAKTHROUGHS – combining the science of success strategies with the spiritual fulfillment practices that create a powerhouse business woman.


Sound familiar? 

I became a life coach in 2014. I overhauled my whole entire life. I used to be a rockbottom girl, divorced, addicted to alcohol and drugs, living a life of frustration and scarcity. I have literally been through it all – you can read more about my story here – but one day I woke up, healed and transformed my life. I knew it was my souls calling to help other women transform their lives too.


Heal Your Life first – Change the world second. 

Today I focus on helping badass business babes shift into a higher financial abundance and consiousness. 

I help women with emotional and spiritual breakthrough

Heal money blocks

Shift into higher vibe relationships

Strategizie higher level of coaching mastery

Dig deal and break the barriers to unleash a higher life.


I’m on a mission to share my six figure biz babe secrets with the world. 

All of Lauren’s intensive coaching packages are designed to give you maximum results with ultimate-fulfillment.

Lauren focuses not only not the physical manifestation of your goals and pushing down the roadblocks in your way, but more importantly, on molding and nurturing the happiness and soulful fulfillment that creates an abundant life.

Just less than a year ago I was in 65K Debt and was making zero income in my online coaching business. 

Before that I was living a cororporate life feeling miserable and small – bullied by my bosses and drained in my 10 hour work day life. I wanted something so much more than that. I had overcome so many emotional obstacles in my life – my divorce, abuse, serious depression and anxiety – I new in my heart I was meant to help teach other people how to overcome thier struggles too!

So I left my corproate job and decided to run an online business. But I was broke and going nowhere.

I spent a year spinning my wheels trying to grow my biz.

“How is everyone else making money doing this?” I thought.

“Could I actually attract clients and make enough money to not have a regular job?”

I was struggling financially.

On top of that I felt deeply insecure. Deep down I worried I couldnt create the financial freedom I was craving. I felt like a fraud.

One day I woke the F up, studied, trained and learned all of the things.

In less than a year I transformed my life and my financial reality. 

 I grew a six figure coaching business. And then a multiple six figure income. And now teaching people how to do it has become my obsession.

I used to be so scared of investing in myself. “What if this doesn’t work?” “What if I can’t pay my bills after I spend this money?” “What if this is a mistake.”

Now I can clearly see that investing in my big vision was what actually created my big vision.


The minute I showed the universe I was serious about leveling up – it leveled up for me. 

I learned how to properly market myself in the online space.

I discovered the secrets to manifesting like a badass

and I learned how to reclaim my online identity and expand my business to six figures.

I decided I was going to be the most successful version of ME I could possibly be – and I wasn’t going to take broke for an answer. 

Today Badass Business Babe brings in over 40K in sales per month.

Is it your turn? 

“Before this course I was burnt out in my calls, and getting one price objection after the next. I changed the entire structure of how I ran my calls, and have closed every call since. Within a week after the course, I signed my first high end client at $4,500 and am on my way to my first $13,000 month. I highly recommend this course it is a steal of a deal for the value that is in it that you receive.”

– Courtney Berry, The Happiness Strategist


Trust Lauren. This girl knows her shit!

Lauren became my coach and little did I know I’d be making the best decision of my life…

“I was in a toxic relationship and I felt stuck in my life… I can’t tell you how quickly things turned around. I ended my toxic nine year relationship, and I gained self-confidence. I’m eating better, working out and I’m losing weight. I can’t believe how much I love my life. Lauren saved me in every way a person can be saved. I wake up every day just excited for what could happen. I have direction in my life and I have found my purpose. I can’t believe this is my life….”

Maria Hillenbrand

“Lauren guided me to be the person I dreamed of being in just six weeks. Imagine what she can do for you.”

Before coaching with Lauren, I had low self esteem…I had been depressed, crying most nights, and in an unhappy relationship… having ‘me time’ was non-existent. I believed my world was about helping others even if it damaged myself in the process… (after working with Lauren) I have grown to love myself.


Jaslin Martin – creator of Sunny Insider

My One on One Coaching Programs are sacred. 


-I only work with women who are one THOUSAND percent serious about transforming their life. They are ready, determined, and driven to create the life they truly deserve.


You know in your heart if that’s you. 

If you’re ready to stretch into that big six figure vision that you crave, you have to stop begging for what you want and start demanding it.


 One on One is an intensive level coaching program for the serious entrepreneur who’s ready to make serious money (and who’s willing to put in the effort to make it happen.) 

I only work with ten babes one on one at a time.

You MUST be ready to make magic happen in your biz and your life.

And you better be serious real deal prepared to go deep!

I never hold anything back in my coaching practice. 

Not holding ANYTHING back babe. It’s all here for you.

So WHO is Lauren Eliz?  

Just a few years ago I walked away from my corporate job, 401k, cushy vacation days and apartment in NYC. No I wasn’t having a mental breakdown (though some people thought I was having one) I was actually taking a big leap of faith and creating the freedom life I was craving. I was sick of working 10-hour work days, getting bullied by my boss, having zero time for fun stuff and being broke and miserable. I wanted to make more money but hit a glass ceiling in my corporate job. The truth was I was MISERABLE. I wanted a FREEDOM life. A life where I could take vacations whenever I wanted to, travel and spend time with my family, –I wanted a life that was MINE. So I set out to create it.

I decided to start a blog and create online courses and coaching content for women who were struggling in their life (I have a crazy backstory myself – the victim of rape, abuse, depression, anxiety and the whole nine.) I wanted to help women heal from things that I had struggled with – and show them how to reclaim their confidence and transform their futures.

I spent a year spinning my wheels, draining my savings and going broke. By the end I had 65K in debt, no clients, no income, no home, no car – NOTHING. I was miserable.

But then I had a breakthrough: I had to stop begging for what I wanted in my life and I needed to start demanding it. I set my goals and got clear about what I needed to know and learn to thrive in the online space. And in less than a few months – BOOM – I went from broke to six figures. My business exploded before my eyes. It was the moment I realized that everyone in the online space claims success is easy – but so few are actually sharing HOW to create that success. It was in that moment I realized I was never going to keep secrets.

Today What is Perfection LLC and Badass Business Babe is a multiple six figure income biz that is thriving and expanding every single day.




CREATE the life you’ve been longing for.

Discover a world where you have the POWER to manifest the life you LOVE. Through Lauren’s coaching process you will learn how to release what is not serving you and step into a life that lights up your SOUL.”

LET GO of the People Pleasing Mindset.

Personal Power. If you’re a people pleaser you’ve probably been giving away your power most of your life. You will learn how to increase your power and self-esteem by setting healthy boundries and making your needs a priority.

DISCOVER a new sense of self worth.

Not the phony self confidence with that “Fake it till you make it” mindset. With Lauren’s perfection life strategies you can break through the limits of insecurity to naturally enhance LOVE for yourself.

ELIMINATE Emotional Stress and negativity.

We all need a release from stress. Alot of the work we’ll be doing together will be discovering your outlet to ground out emotional stress and overwhelm. This will open up space for you to embrace your intuition, clarity, and vision.

RELEASE the fear, doubt and negativity.

Make an emotional transformational shift in recognizing who you are and what makes you GOLDEN. Let go of the fear of failure, the doubt in your worth and the negative mindset that has been holding you back.

REDESIGN Your future exactly how you dream.

Together, we will custom design a new version of your life and your future so that you have the ability to manifest your vision, create an abundance of happiness and wealth and be the person you have truly been longing to be. The life of your dreams.