Oh my god you guys….. we had the most AMAZING time in New York for the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within event (UPW).

If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is, you’re crazy.

Kidding… but just in case, he is my mentor and the guru/coach that totally changed my own life. Back in 2015 I went to my very first UPW and my life changed forever.

So once a season, I get a group of Badass Business Babes together to attend UPW Tony Robbins – Our next event is in MARCH! 

Our event last week in New York/ New Jersey  was AMAZINGGG!!!!!!  (you can come join us for our next event here)

This group was on FIREEEE. Seriously. This round of our event was MAGICAL. Seriously. We had dinner at a gorgeous venue downtown and I met the most amazing students. WE had a delicious meal and had an amazing 2 hour coaching session round table style! Here are some pictures!

My favorite part was our 2 hour round table coaching, where Matt and I worked with our students on helping them shift to new breakthroughs!

Come join us at the Next Tony Event HERE