MARCH 11 –  MARCH 17

Imagine this….

A week long coaching experience with Lauren Eliz Love AND Tony Robbins.

Imagine a seven day escape that elevates your soul and shifts you into being the woman you always wanted to be.

Picture an intimate coaching experince with you, five other women in a beautiful Los Angeles retreat space where you can learn ALL the business strategy and mindset work under the sun (seriously, all the things.)


  ALL included.

Imagine listening as Lauren coaches you personally on shifting your business, strategizing your game plan and elevating your mindset.

This one week will change everything about your life and business.

FINALLY be the Business Babe you always wanted to be.

What would it feel like if you after seven days you walked away with a new version of YOU and a new business game plan to crush 2019.

What if all of your dreams around business and LIFE finally came true?

What if you could finally transform all of it NOW: Your health, your business, your relationships, your business….

What if this was the year ALL of your dreams came true just by working on yourself with the highest level of coaching for seven straight days.



The all inclusive retreat begins with 3 days of intensive business coaching with Lauren Eliz,

and ends with the four day Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Event.

Stay in a beautiful house in LA and watch your world transform.

Unleash Week is a transofrmation retreat designed to shift and elevate your identity, your mind and your business. 

The purpose and intention of Unleash Week is to give you all the business strategy and personalized coaching on your business that you desire, while also making sure that you claim all of your personal life goals as well!

By the end of the week you will have a clear strategy on where you are going in business and a totally elevated identity. 

Everything you want will become possible. 

About the Unleash Week Retreat with Lauren Eliz Love

I went to my first Tony Robbins event six months into building my business. Back in 2015. I wanted “success,” but I wasn’t exactly the happy and fulfilled version of me that I am today. I didn’t know what “being successful” actually meant. In additon to not having the strategy of growing my business, which I now have the honor of teaching, I had sooo much inner work to do but had no idea where to start.

I knew I wanted happiness, fulfillment and accomplishment within my business, and within myself. So I went to my first Tony Robbins event and that year, my business exploded.

Looking back, I now know the secret: The more you work on yourself, the more money you make.

Unleash Week is a retreat that walks you through the transformation process of shifting your business and your identity. I  get to coach you personally through your breakthroughs.

By the end of the week you will have a clear business strategy (I share all of my expertise with you) and you’ll also have a clear channeled connection to what you want to achieve in your life so that there is NO stopping you.

You deserve all the success in the world babe. I can’t wait to help you create it.

It’s time to transform your life and business.

Imagine a full week of total transformation!

A week where we sit down and rip open all the strategies and limitations that are keeping you stuck in your business, and all the mindset blocks that are holding you back from breaking through to your next level.

Imagine learning from Tony Robbins and Lauren Eliz!

Are you ready for an amazing jam-packed week? Are you ready to network with high vibe biz babes and experience a crazy transformation in your life and biz?

The most amazing week of your life is here. 

The BBBLIVE Week-Long Intensive is about RESULTS.

You’ll be with a small group of women, in one house, for one week, transforming your business and your life.

Get clarity on the million dollar version of you and get the cutting edge strategy you need to take your business to the next level.

3 full days of business coaching followed by the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event!

Together, we will transform baby!

And yes, babe. You CAN make the money you deserve.

The week of your life is about to unfold. Are you ready?


DATES: March 11th to March 17th. (House is available for guest arrival on the 10th)

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California

FIRST HALF OF THE WEEK: Work with Lauren Monday-Wednesday

COST: $4,444 for the full week (includes Meals and Coaching Experiences Monday-Wednesday, housing for the full week in our gorgeous home (20 minutes away from the Tony Robbins Venue), and your Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within VIP Event Ticket.

Totally amazing, I know, right?


SUNDAY (fly in if needed)

MONDAY: Breakfast at 10 am, Coaching 12pm to 6pm, Cocktail Party and Dinner at 7PM followed by 1:1 Coaching Sessions

TUESDAY: Breakfast 10AM, Coaching 12pm to 6pm, Dinner at 7PM followed by 1:1 Coaching Sessions

WEDNESDAY: Breakfast 10 am, The BBBExperience (a delicious fancy lunch and coaching session) 12pm to 3pm-3. Registration for Unleash the Power Within 5pm to 9pm

THURSDAY: Tony Robbins starts around 10am.

FRIDAY: Tony Robbins

SATURDAY: Tony Robbins

SUNDAY: Tony Robbins

MONDAY: (fly back home if needed)


HOTEL (on average) $2,100
FOOD: $600

This total package would cost  $15,950 but I am offering the first six students who enroll a one time only deal of $4,444.

SIX Spots. All students get one on one coaching time with Lauren Eliz Love


  • After I purchase, what next?
    • After you grab your spot, you will have to pay for your transportation to the Los Angeles house. Be prepared to also bring some snacks for your Tony Robbins event days, because those days in the room are really long! You will get an email welcoming you to the BBB Takes Tony Robbins UPW Facebook group – in there, you’ll get access to all the most up to date information – including the house location!
  • I entered the Tony Robbins Giveaway Contest and it has a UPW ticket in there…What if I win after I purchase my BBBLIVE?
    • If you purchase BBBLIVE and then win the Tony Robbins Giveaway contest, we will credit you the cost of the Tony Robbins Ticket!
  • What if I am going to Tony Robbins and have a ticket already and want to do the BBBLIVE experience?
    • Email contact@whatisperfection.com with proof of your current Tony Robbins ticket and we will give you a $500 off coupon code for BBBLIVE

I cannot wait to meet each of you! I cannot wait to help you grow your businesses and take your personal development to the next level. I am SO EXCITED to be a part of your journey and cannot wait to see what opens up for you and the magical shifts you make in this level up experience.

“It is in our moments of decision making that our destiny is shaped.” – T.R.

“Seriously.. just do the damn thing.” – Me.

Common Questions and Answers:

“When can I check in?” You can arrive on Sunday the 10th any time after 12PM 

“When do I have to checkout by?” Monday the 18th before 10AM.

Will I get my own room or have to share? Every person who attends will get a private bedroom with a queen size bed and their own bathroom.

Is transportation to and from the airport covered? Not included. But Uber, it’s close!

Will transportation to and from the Tony Robbins event location be covered? All the girls will Uber together to and from the UPW Event center. Uber costs are not included. The house is roughly 20 minutes away from the Tony Robbins Event location.

Will there be time to work with Lauren one on one: Yes every single day.

Is this event good for someone who doesnt have a fully formed business yet? ABSOLUTELY. Coming in from scratch is amazing because we get to work together on coming up with the perfect game plan for your business and life!