You ever have a great idea for a podcast but just have no idea where to start? 

‘I am not a tech-savy person.”

‘I have no idea how to edit and create an episode.’

‘I’ve been researching this forever and it seems so super complicated.’

‘I tried doing this and got ZERO places.’

‘Why can’t this be easier!?’

Sound familiar?

How many of these thoughts cross your mind on a regular basis? Are you ready to take that podcast dream off the shelf and put it into action?

Want to know the secret about creating a podcast? 

Are you ready to let your voice be heard?

You can finally tell your story.

You can step out and get into the podcast world without fear or overhwelm.

You can reach a whole new tribe of fans and followers with your podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

And yes, babe. You CAN feel amazing doing all of those things.

I’m on a mission to teach all the biz babes out there how to make their biz dreams come true.

My Podcast is the reason I have a successful business.

90% of my clients find me from the Badass Business Podcast these days. Having a platform where  I can offer free trainings, interviews and celebrations through audio has allowed me to build a totally new audience and grow my business to multiple six figures.

Having successfully launched and hosted two podcasts, I firmly believe that the Podcasting world is an untapped resource of financial abundance for so many of my clients. Want to make more money? Simple. Start a podcast.

In this training I show you everything about how to do it. When you enroll in the Badass Podcast Course, you’ll learn it all: How to record, interview, edit, submit, and all the other important pieces of the podcast process. When you are done with this program you will literally have every single thing you need to know about podcasting in your back pocket so you can explode your business!


You’ll learn how to actually map out a show: Exactly what makes for a successful podcast. I share my secret strategy for podcast episode creation and how to create an organized podcasting schedule that has you never running out of things to talk about. You’ll learn my secret strategy for content creation here – and I walk you through how to actually Launch a podcast so that you get hundreds of downloads the minute your podcast goes live! 

Don’t worry about the “Not knowing all the technical shit..” I literally (no joke) walk you through every single step of the tech process. How to edit on your computer (Mac or PC) How to create a graphic image for your show, how to properly record an episode (without buying any expensive software) How to host your shows, how to get approved by Apple, Stitcher, iTunes and Google Play,  And how to get your podcast distributed all over the placed! 

Finally, we close the training with a series of videos on teaching you all the things that every podcaster MUST know: How to Monetize, how to pitch yourself to be a guest on other people’s shows, how to get over your fear of reaching out to other people and networking to build your podcasting audience, how to to find the right style and delivery for your show, how to have a podcast interview and how to invite guests! 


Building a Podcast has been the most beautiful part of my business. 

I find more and more clients coming to me saying they found me through their podcast feed.

I have a new way to connect with my ideal client before she even connects with me.

I have grown my folllowing ten-fold.

And I love the fact that it was easy to create, and the system I use is seamless.

No one should ever feel like what they want is to complicated to create.  

The minute I decided to invest in my education and actually learn what it is I was craving to do, that was the moment I started to create my dream life.

Your passion – that calling you have – it is right here in front of you. 

Listen to the whispers and stop worrying “will i be good at this?”

Imagine what could change if you stepped out of your comfort zone and learned how to do the scary thing!

It’s time to create a Badass Podcast babe. 

And I am so ready to show you how.  

I am sharing my fool-proof, simple podcast creation strategies with you!

Customer Reviews from the Badass Business Podcast –

Simply the best! by venusmist

I’ve have learned so much from this woman and I’m so happy she has a podcast that I can get and listen to her and keep learning on the go!

Lauren is legit the best by Jackiemacdaddy

If you’re looking for real deal coaching and real deal results, Lauren is your girl. She has been one of the biggest blessings in my business and my life. Her approach to business is so refreshing and everything she teaches is gold.

This podcast is a MUST listen if you’re alive and breathing.

The Badass Podcast Course is a simple step process to give you everything you need to get you up and running.

This program contains the secret Podcast strategies I used to take my business from shadow to spotlight! 

I’m not holding ANYTHING back, babe. All of my growth strategies are here for you!


“This amazing woman leads with service straight from the heart. She is so inspiring and is probably one of the few people I take advice from. Every word she says resonates with me.”

“Seriously Obsessed”

“I listened to one of Lauren’s podcast and immediately binged-listened to every single episode. Lauren’s authentic, loving soul is such an inspiration and has completely changed the way I view money and business.”

So, WHO is Lauren Eliz?  

Just a few years ago, I walked away from my cushy corporate job, 401k, vacation days and New York City apartment. No, I wasn’t having a mental breakdown (though some people thought I was); I was taking a leap of faith to create the life of freedom I’d been craving for so long. I was sick of working 10-hour days, getting bullied by my boss, having zero time for fun stuff and being broke and miserable. I wanted to make more money, but I’d hit a glass ceiling in my corporate job. The truth was, I was MISERABLE. I wanted a life of FREEDOM. I wanted a life in which I could take vacations whenever I wanted to, in which I could spend time with my family. I wanted a life that was MINE. And so, I set out to create it.

I decided to start a blog. I created online courses and coaching content for women who were struggling in their own lives. I wanted to help women heal from the things I had struggled with myself (I have a crazy backstory – I’ve been the victim of rape and abuse; I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety. I’ve been through the whole nine). I wanted to show other women how to reclaim their confidence and take control of their futures.

I spent a year spinning my wheels, draining my savings and going broke. By the end of that year, I had sunken into 65K of debt. I had no clients, no income, no home, no car. I was miserable.

And then I had a breakthrough: I needed to stop begging for what I wanted in my life and start demanding it. I set my goals. I figured out what I needed to know and learn to thrive in the online space.

In less than a few months, BOOM! I went from broke to six figures. My business exploded before my eyes. I realized that everyone in the online space claims success is easy, but so few are actually sharing the methods that led to their success. It was in that moment that I realized I was never going to keep secrets.

Today, What is Perfection LLC, complete with Badass Business Babe, is a multiple six-figure income biz that is thriving and expanding every single day.