There are so many social media platforms to grow your business these days. How do we know which ones to show up on? If you are trying to grow an online business, it can feel super overwhelming to try and be in all places at once.

A while back, I had a deep conversation with a client of mine (One of my Six Figure Biz Babe students.) “Lauren, I have no idea how to use my instagram to bring in more clients,” she told me.

So I decided it was about time I shared with you guys the simple ways I have used my instagram to drastically impact my revenue. “But Lauren, I only have less than 1,000 followers. How can I make money?” Girl…. I have friends who have 800 Instagram followers and make over one million dollars of revenue a year. Your numbers don’t matter. Your engagement does.

But first….

How do influencers actually make money on instagram?

Truthfully, a million different ways, but I think at the end of the day, all these possible income streams break down to two different options: You can either make money selling your own product or by promoting someone else’s product.

Let’s break it down….

  1. Affiliate Marketing Income: This is when you make a percentage of income based off of how many people buy that product through your social media accounts or through your customized links. For example, Amazon has an affiliate marketing system that gives you 5% of income off of any product that someone buys through you. You can also do this with some companies directly. Unless you have a big following, this method can be difficult for creating sustainable income.
  2. Promoter/Sponsor Income: This is when you make a certain amount of money PER post, or you make a certain amount of income per month under the conditions that you will talk about the product on your social media accounts a certain number of times. Again, a stronger following is sort of required for this.
  3. Network Marketing income: This is a way for influencers to use a product they love to create income. Influencers who use network marketing products can grow sales teams and collect income on enrolling people into their programs. Beachbody, Doterra, isagenix are examples of this type of revenue.
  4. Making your OWN product (digital or non digital.) This is my favorite way to teach women how to make money online (as this is the way that allowed me to create $50,000 months in my online business. You can design courses, or run trainings, do one on one coaching, or design your own custom coaching services that help people learn how to do something that you did.

For the record, you can design a business that allows you to do ALL of these things, but I believe that the 4th item on this list (designing your own programs) is the most lucrative way to grow a business. In this case, you are an expert and focus on teaching people how to get a certain result. Note – I have many clients that combine items 3 and 4 and do very well for themselves.

“But Lauren, I don’t have a product, what do I teach people?”

Think of a problem you love to solve. Think of a problem people come to you for. Are you a Realestate agent that knows how to flip houses? Design a course on how to flip houses. Are you a health coach that knows how to heal her thyroid or adrenal fatigue? Teach that. Whatever you do well, turn around and teach it in the online space.

How to Attract Clients with Instagram

1. You have to make it clear that you solve a problem. Being a PAID influencer is about being an expert at something. Whether it’s fashion, ferret training, or financial freedom: You need to TEACH people how to do something. Getting people a RESULT is the key to making good money online. If you want to attract clients on instagram, you should really ask yourself, “Based on my social media feed right now, do I look like an educated teacher? Do I embody an expert energy? If the answer is no, you need to evaluate your profile. Simple change like altering your bio to say “I help women who _______(the problem they have) get __________(the results they want) is a great formula for a sentence online.

2. Have a call to action in your profile. I see a lot of influencers who don’t have a CTA (call to action) in their profile, and then they wonder why they aren’t making money. Your audience needs to know that they can get more from you outside of instagram. You can have a look at my profile as an example. My call to action is to “Join the Tribe” With a simple pointing emoji to my link. This lets people know that if they like what I have to offer, there’s more goodness.

3. Don’t just inspire, but educate. It isn’t enough for you to be posting pictures that make people inspired. You need to actually be teaching people something. Remember how I said you need to solve a problem? Take some time to write out posts that actually EDUCATE people, and don’t just inspire them to change. Give them the TOOLS to make it happen. For example, since I am a business coach, this is a post I did that teaches people with a tough love approach.

4. Make your life look beautiful. I think this is where I used to struggle the most. Especially when instastory came out. Instastory is an opportunity for you to share pieces of your life that INSPIRE people. Don’t be afraid to step into your confidence by documenting your gorgeous life. It is important to create content that educates, but for ever piece of content you CREATE you should also be DOCUMENTING. Have fun with what you share. When you feel joy in what you are doing, people feel inspired to be connected to you more often.

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