How many times have you felt frustrated and stuck, like you’re spinning your wheels running your online business?

It’s so hard to make money.

It’s so hard to find clients.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

I am on an emotional rollercoaster.

I feel like I never get traction in my business.

I post and all I hear is crickets.

I am stuck and hitting a wall.

I am so ready to quit my regular job but sometimes I feel like giving up on my passion business.

I am starting to lose faith that I can actually do this.


Sound familiar?

How many of these thoughts cross your mind on a regular basis? Aren’t you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired over your online business? Isn’t it time to finally get the traction and the income that you’ve been craving?


Want to know the secret to becoming a Six Figure Biz Babe? 

A Six Figure Biz Babe doesn’t take broke for an answer. 

She shows up and claims what she believes she deserves.

She fights hard for the freedom she wants.

She invests in her business because she believes in it.

She learns everything she can from the people around her who have done what she wants to do.

And you can bet your ass a Six Figure Biz Babe deserves that financial flow!


I’m on a mission to share my Six Figure Biz Babe secrets with the world. 

-NOTE: Six Figure Biz Babe IS NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT! Program starts January 9th 2019 (bonus content for early enrollees.) 

“Lauren and I have been working together for around 7 months now. Prior to working with her, I was going in circles in my business. I achieved my first 7k week! Yup- WEEK! Which I never even had even when working in corp America. She helped me demolish my old beliefs and teach me to re-write new ones. Lauren is the real deal. As long as you do the work, she brings you results.”  

-Carolina Romanyuk, #1 Sleep Consultant in NYC. Founder of Achieve with Carolina 

Just less than a year ago, I was in 65K of debt and making no money off of my online coaching business. 

I was busting my butt trying to grow my business and was searching for the secret online growth strategies people don’t tell you about.

“How is everyone else making money doing this?” I thought.

I was spinning my wheels trying to figure out how I could attract clients and make enough money to stay afloat financially while remaining my own boss.

“Do I make programs, offer one-on-one coaching, or design a VIP tribe? Like, what the eff.” This was my brain talking.

I had no idea how I was going to pay my bills or how my business would ever amount to anything.

But guess what! I found the secret to manifesting my dream biz. 

And in less than a year, I grew a six-figure coaching business, and an even greater invcome; and now, teaching people how to do just that has become my obsession.

I used to be so afraid to invest in myself.

“What if this doesn’t work?” “What if I can’t pay my bills after I spend this money?” “What if this is a mistake?”

Now, I can clearly see that investing in my big vision was what actually made it a reality.


The minute I showed the universe I was serious about leveling up, it leveled up for me. 

I learned how to properly market myself in the online space.

I discovered the secrets to manifesting my vision like a badass.

I learned how to reclaim my online identity and expand my business to six figures.

I decided I was going to be the most successful version of ME I could possibly be; and I wasn’t going to take broke for an answer. 

Today, Badass Business Babe brings in over 40K in sales per month.

So, how did I do it? How did I grow an online empire to six figures in less than a year? 

The secret is what inspired me to create the Six Figure Biz Babe Program, so that I can show you exactly how to attract and receive everything your heart wants for your business and your life.

“Before this course I was burnt out in my calls, and getting one price objection after the next. I changed the entire structure of how I ran my calls, and have closed every call since. Within a week after the course, I signed my first high end client at $4,500 and am on my way to my first $13,000 month. I highly recommend this course it is a steal of a deal for the value that is in it that you receive.”

– Courtney Berry, The Happiness Strategist

Trust Lauren. This girl knows her shit!

Before the program was even finished I got a paying one on one client, I upped my rates, I have a beautiful brand new website that I’m proud of… I created content, bundles, e-books and courses that people are paying for! With Lauren’s guidance, I’ve built a business that I can be proud of to the point where I quit my job!

– Heather Carvey, Naturally Badass Momma

The Six Figure Biz Babe is a six-week intensive coaching program that will massively transform your business and your life.

Over the next six weeks, we will do some deep work around:

-Your Money Story – the blocks you have, as well as the insecurities you have about not being able to make the money you deserve. We’ll also explore that fear you have of failing.

-Your Self-Worth – I’ll teach you how to remove all the subconscious blocks standing in your way. We’ll take down the barriers that are making people reluctant to work with you. You’ll learn how to shift into a higher-vibe version of yourself; you’ll become someone who is confident, believes in herself, and is ready to serve the world with her business.

-Your Online Business Strategy – I’ll show you the exact systems and strategies I used to scale my business to six figures in less than a year.

-Building Your Online Audience Without Paid Advertisements – I’ll also break down every single organic marketing technique I used to attract an audience for my coaching programs.

-Sales Conversations – I’ll teach you how to effectively attract and enroll people without feeling like a pushy, icky, or disconnected salesperson.


You have to demand what you want from the universe.

If you’re ready to stretch into the showrunner persona of that big, six-figure vision, stop begging for what you want and start demanding it.


Note: Six Figure Biz Babe is an intensive coaching program for the serious entrepreneur who is ready to make serious money (and who is willing to put in the effort required to make significant change.) 

This program is for the babe who is ready to finally make money through her business; it’s for the babe who has a vision and a dream but hasn’t figured out how to monetize the big bucks. It’s for the babe who is ready to show up and do what it takes to make that six-figure vision a tangible entity.

This program is everything I learned while growing my business from broke to six figures. 

I’m not holding ANYTHING back, babe. It’s all here for you.

So, WHO is Lauren Eliz?  

Just a few years ago, I walked away from my cushy corporate job, 401k, vacation days and New York City apartment. No, I wasn’t having a mental breakdown (though some people thought I was); I was taking a leap of faith to create the life of freedom I’d been craving for so long. I was sick of working 10-hour days, getting bullied by my boss, having zero time for fun stuff and being broke and miserable. I wanted to make more money, but I’d hit a glass ceiling in my corporate job. The truth was, I was MISERABLE. I wanted a life of FREEDOM. I wanted a life in which I could take vacations whenever I wanted to, in which I could spend time with my family. I wanted a life that was MINE. And so, I set out to create it.

I decided to start a blog. I created online courses and coaching content for women who were struggling in their own lives. I wanted to help women heal from the things I had struggled with myself (I have a crazy backstory – I’ve been the victim of rape and abuse; I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety. I’ve been through the whole nine). I wanted to show other women how to reclaim their confidence and take control of their futures.

I spent a year spinning my wheels, draining my savings and going broke. By the end of that year, I had sunken into 65K of debt. I had no clients, no income, no home, no car. I was miserable.

And then I had a breakthrough: I needed to stop begging for what I wanted in my life and start demanding it. I set my goals. I figured out what I needed to know and learn to thrive in the online space.

In less than a few months, BOOM! I went from broke to six figures. My business exploded before my eyes. I realized that everyone in the online space claims success is easy, but so few are actually sharing the methods that led to their success. It was in that moment that I realized I was never going to keep secrets.

Today, What is Perfection LLC, complete with Badass Business Babe, is a multiple six-figure income biz that is thriving and expanding every single day.

“This is the most incredible program I’ve ever been a part of in my life. It was so complete, so full of action-packed information! Lauren Eliz Love, hands-down, is one of the best coaches I have ever had.  Lauren holds space for you and loves you. Even though this is a group program you feel supported and cared for – she genuinely wants to see you be successful. “

-Hannah Parker, The Soul Centered Entrepreneur 


This limited-availability program is for women who are SERIOUS about changing their lives and growing their online businesses.

Note: This program is perfect for women who are making little or no money through their online businesses and are ready to take massive action to make GREAT money.

The program is now open for enrollment! The program starts January 9th 2019 (bonus content for early enrollees.) 

Program cost: $999.00  or 3 payments of $377/month or 12 monthly payments of $97/month

Each week, you, I, and a gorgeous group of Badass Business Babes who are just as motivated as you are will meet on a Zoom for a 60 minute session.

Each of the sessions is recorded so that you can revisit it at a later date.

You will also gain access to the online course, “6 Figure Biz Babe,” and you will keep that access for LIFE. Within this course, you’ll find your training materials, homework and assignments each and every week. Most of the training sessions are on audio files so that you can download and listen to them on the go. Repetition is the mother of skill, babes!

The first 45 minutes of each session will be based on the topic of the week. I will be showing you how to apply the knowledge taught in the course content you receive.

Then, the remainder of the call will be open for Q&A, discussion, and interactive coaching.

My intent with the Six Figure Biz Babe program is to shift you to even higher levels, not only for your business, but for your life. 

When I first met Lauren I was in a space of total paralysis and overwhelm in my business. I was so stuck in my head and spinning my wheels and had zero structure. Lauren has such a refreshing approach to business coaching and it was EXACTLY what I needed. She made me feel like I was in a safe, judgement free space where I was able to truly express myself and be vulnerable.

Since I started working with Lauren regularly I’ve 5xed my income and signed more clients in 4 months than I had in the previous 8 months COMBINED before working with her. Lauren is the real deal and hiring her is the best investment you can make not only for your business, but for your soul.

-Jacqueline Minelle Joseph, Brand Specialist and Business Coach

I cannot believe the change that happened after going through SFBB. I had this huge breakthrough and ended up making more money in one day than I did in all of last year. I changed my entire outlook on my business & my coaching practice while in this program.

I am so grateful to Lauren for creating this program that helped me shift into the person, the businesswoman, the coach that I was meant to be.

-Robin Peacock, Spiritual Life Coach

Sign up for Six Figure Biz Babe in EARLY ENROLLMENT and gain instant access to these three programs and trainings – a $1,982 Value!

I was lost before coming into the program, and I was able to build a community of women that I connected with on a spiritual level. She teaches us how first to embody the six-figure version of us and bust through your limiting beliefs! I am no longer afraid to brand myself and charge for my services.

-Mary Miranda, My Fit Healing