A Love letter to the girl who’s hearing crickets 

Showing up takes a TON of courage in the online space. But It totally hurts when you keep showing up over and over again and don’t get the response and engagement you want.

The Facebook algorithm, not knowing what to post or when to post, and how to actually GROW an audience can be the most challenging things on the social media planet.

I’ve been there girl.

I used to show up  SO freaking frustrated when I didn’t get the engagement or traction I wanted. I would post and get like… zero likes. I would share my stories and my trainings and get zero people interested in my programs and products.

“Geeze Lauren, what are you doing wrong?” I thought.

The problem was i had no strategy to grow an audience. I had zero idea how to brand myself to attract clients and I was basically the opposite of a marketing unicorn.

I was aimlessly trying to attract new followers. My Facebook page was growing at  snails pace, my FB Group had like five people in it and i didn’t understand why it was taking me so long to become insta-famous.

“WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG” was my constant inner chatter question.

Sound familiar?

Not having the engagement, following and audience is EXACTLY what stops us from making money. After all, no one wants sell to strangers on the street corner. We want to sell to loyal loving beautiful followers who know all about us and are obsessed with our services.

To get there, you just need to make a few small changes babe.

  1. Start focusing on growing your numbers. If you are hearing crickets whenever you post, it’s a sign that your ultimate outcome of focus right now should be on growing your audience.
  2. Create Content that actually converts. Yes. Creating valuable content that shifts your clients from curious to actually purchasing your products can be groundbreaking for your business. Don’t know the secret to creating content that converts? See step three.
  3. Create a social media marketing strategy. You can use mine! In fact I share my whole strategy for growing an audience and going from crickets to clients in my program Grow Like a Badass. Go check it out babe!


Lauren Eliz Love